Former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik, who lives in Paris – where the Alekhine Chess Memorial is being held, started the event with a nice win over Nikita Vitiugov on Sunday. You must check out the game if you want to study how solid chess is played at the super Grandmaster level. A full report on the first round of the Alekhine Chess Memorial is available at Chess Blog.

Kramnik, Vladimir (2801) – Vitiugov, Nikita (2712)

Result: 1-0
Site: Paris, FRA
Date: 2013.04.21
[…] 1.¤f3 d5 2.g3 c6 3.¥g2 ¥g4 4.O-O ¤d7 5.d3 ¤gf6 6.£e1 e5 7.e4 dxe4 8.dxe4 ¥d6 9.¤bd2 O-O 10.h3 ¥h5 11.¤c4 ¥c7 12.a4 ¦e8 13.¤h4 ¤c5 14.¤f5 ¤e6 15.¥e3 ¤f4 16.f3 ¤xg2 17.¢xg2 ¥g6 18.¦d1 ¤d5 19.¤h4 ¤xe3+ 20.£xe3 £e7 21.£b3 ¦ab8 22.¦f2 ¦ed8 23.¦xd8+ ¥xd8 24.¦d2 ¥c7 25.¦d3 £e6 26.£b4 b6 27.b3 a6 28.£d2 b5 29.¦d7 bxc4 30.¦xc7 cxb3 31.¦b7 £c8 32.¦xb3 ¦xb3 33.cxb3 f6 34.£d6 ¢f7 35.g4 ¢e8 36.¢g3 £b7 37.b4 £c8 38.a5 ¢f7 39.¤g2 h5 40.¤e3 hxg4 41.hxg4 £e6 42.£d3 £c8 43.£c4+ ¢f8 44.£c5+ ¢g8 45.b5 axb5 46.£b6 £f8 47.a6 £b4 48.a7 £e1+ 49.¢g2 £d2+ 50.¢g1