No stopping Anand?

The World Chess Candidates 2014 is proving to be a dream run for former World Chess Champion Viswanathan of India. Comfortably drawing with another former World Champion – Vladimir Kramnik of Russia – the Indian seems to have inched closer to a tournament victory and rights to challenge Magnus Carlsen once again in attempts to regain his world title. This is exciting chess history in the making! Though Levon Aronian of Armenia and Peter Svidler of Russia have a theoretical chance of catching up with Anand, the going is going to be tough for them. Mamedyarov and Karjakin are also at 4.5 along with Svidler. Aronian is at 6. Meanwhile, here are all the games of Round 11. You can read a nice report on the round at Chess Blog.

Peter Svidler – Levon Aronian

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS
Date: 2014.03.26
[…] 1.♘f3 d5 2.g3 ♗g4 3.♗g2 e6 4.c4 c6 5.cxd5 ♗xf3 6.♗xf3 cxd5 7.O-O ♘f6 8.♘c3 ♘c6 9.d4 ♗e7 10.e3 O-O 11.♗d2 ♕d7 12.♖c1 ♖fc8 13.♗g2 ♘e8 14.♕e2 ♘d6 15.♖fd1 ♗d8 16.♗e1 ♘e7 17.b3 ♖c6 18.♘a4 ♖ac8 19.♘c5 ♕e8 20.♕b2 ♖6c7 21.a4 ♘c6 22.b4 ♘b8 23.b5 ♗e7 24.♕b1 ♘d7 25.♘d3 ♖xc1 26.♖xc1 ♖xc1 27.♕xc1 ♘b6 28.♕d1 ♕c8 29.♗f1 ♗f8 30.♘e5 ♘bc4 31.♘xc4 ♘xc4 32.♕c2 ♘b6 33.♕xc8