You will need to give this position some serious thought. The Black King is ready to walk over to h8, sac the a pawn and get into a stalemate. The White King won’t find it easy to Queen the pawn. So, how does White win? Don’t be in a rush. Take your time on this chess puzzle. In fact, you just might find an easier ‘human’ solution than a computer’s long, roundabout one 😉 Replay the main lines with the Chess King applet below.

Chess Study by N Grigoriev

Result: 1-0
Date: 1936
[…] 1.♘a2 ♔f8
1…♔g8 2.♔g6 ♔h8 3.♘b4 ♔g8
3…a2 4.♘xa2 ♔g8 and white wins easily with the knight coming over to flush out the Black King from the g8-h8 area 5.♘c3 ♔h8 6.♘e4 ♔g8 7.♘g5 ♔h8 8.♘f7+ ♔g8 9.h7+ ♔f8 10.h8=♕+
4.h7+ ♔h8 5.♘d3 (5.♘c6 a2 6.♘e5 a1=♕ 7.♘f7#) 5…a2 6.♘e5 a1=♕ 7.♘f7#
2.♔f6 ♔g8 3.♔g6 ♔h8 4.♘b4 ♔g8 5.h7+ ♔h8 6.♘d3 Nc6 works as well instead of Nd3 6…a2 7.♘e5 a1=♕ 8.♘f7#