Good news! All users of the GigaKing Chess Games Database, which is included for free in Chess King and Chess King Pro Software, can download for free, in either CA or PGN format, an update that includes the world’s main tournaments from October 2011 to the end of June 2012. That’s over 115,000 fresh new chess games that you need to have to be at he cutting edge of chess analysis. So if you own either Chess King or Chess King Pro, just send us an email with your serial number or when and where you bought your copy and you will get in return the download link. You will then be able to import the database in your Chess King and have a fresh and enormous chess database, which will help you analyze better and win more games! Due to the great success of Chess King, we are keeping until September 1 the $50 discount coupon INTROKING50 so that Chess King (including GigaKing) costs only $49 after discount, and Chess King Pro with Houdini 2 Pro only $99 after discount. You can’t afford not to have the best chess tools for your summer tournaments. Visit our shop and get Chess King today.