The Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 semi-final second tiebreak between Anna Ushenina of Ukraine and Ju Wenjun of China was an absolute sitter. Wenjun was winning, but goofed up in time trouble. Ushenina held on and got Wenjun into a zugzwang that witnessed the latter struggling with a Bishop against Black’s Rook in a pawn logjam. Ushenina pulled off a miraculous draw that was enough for her to advance to the final. Read the full report on Chess Blog. Just how cruel chess can be, and just how cruel it can be to watch… Replay the game with the super Chess King applet.

Ju, Wenjun – Ushenina, Anna

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Khanty-Mansiysk RUS
Date: 2012.11.25
[…] 1.c4 c6 2.¤f3 d5 3.d4 ¤f6 4.e3 ¥g4 5.¥e2 e6 6.O-O ¤bd7 7.b3 ¥d6 8.¥b2 £c7 9.h3 ¥h5 10.¤bd2 O-O 11.¦c1 £b8 12.¤h4 ¥xe2 13.£xe2 ¤e4 14.¤xe4 dxe4 15.d5 f5 16.dxe6 ¤e5 17.¦cd1 ¤d3 18.¦xd3 exd3 19.£xd3 ¥e5 20.¥a3 £d8 21.£xd8 ¦fxd8 22.¤xf5 ¦e8 23.e7 ¥f6 24.¦d1 g6 25.¤h6+ ¢g7 26.¤g4 ¥xe7 27.¦d7 ¢f8 28.¤h6 b5 29.¥d6 bxc4 30.bxc4 ¢g7 31.¥xe7 ¢xh6 32.g4 ¢g7 33.¥g5+ ¢g8 34.¥f6 a5 35.¦g7+ ¢f8 36.¦xh7 ¦ab8 37.¥d4 ¦b1+ 38.¢g2 ¦c1 39.c5 ¦c2 40.a3 ¦a2 41.h4 ¦e7 42.¦h8+ ¢f7 43.h5 gxh5 44.gxh5 ¦e6 45.¦h7+ ¢g8 46.¦g7+ ¢f8 47.¦a7 ¢g8 48.¦xa5 ¦h6 49.¦a8+ ¢f7 50.¦h8 ¦xh8 51.¥xh8 ¦xa3 52.¥d4 ¦a2 53.¢g3 ¦c2 54.f3 ¦c1 55.e4 ¦h1 56.¢g4 ¦h2 57.¥e3 ¦e2 58.¥f4 ¦g2+ 59.¥g3 ¦c2 60.¥d6 ¦g2+ 61.¢f5 ¦g1 62.e5 ¦h1 63.e6+ ¢g7 64.¥e5+ ¢f8 65.¥d6+ ¢g7 66.e7 ¢f7 67.¢g5 ¦g1+ 68.¢h6 ¦g2 69.f4 ¢e8 70.f5 ¢f7 71.f6 ¦g4 72.¢h7 ¦g5 73.h6 ¦g4 74.¥e5 ¦g2 75.¥d4 ¦g4 76.¥e3 ¦g2 77.¢h8 ¦g4 78.h7 ¦g6 79.¥d2 ¦g2 80.¥h6 ¦e2 81.¥g7 ¦e1 82.¥h6 ¦e2 83.¥f4 ¦e4 84.¥h6 ¦e2 85.¥g5 ¦e4 86.¥d2 ¦e2 87.¥a5 ¦e4 88.¥c3 ¦e6 89.¥d2 ¦e4 90.¥h6 ¦e6 91.¥f8 ¦e4 92.¥g7 ¦e2 93.¥h6 ¦e4 94.¥g5 ¦e6 95.¥h6 ¦e4 96.¥d2 ¦e6 97.¥f4 ¦e4 98.¥d6 ¦e2 99.¥f4 ¦e4 100.¥g3 ¦e6 101.¥d6 ¦e4 102.¥g3 ¦e3 103.¥h4 ¦e2 104.¥g5 ¦e4 105.¥c1 ¦e6 106.¥h6 ¦e4 107.¥g5 ¦e2 108.¥h6 ¦e4 109.¥d2 ¦e6 110.¥c3 ¦e4 111.¥d2 ¦e6 112.¥a5 ¦e4 113.¥c7 ¦e6 114.¥d6 ¦e4 115.¥c7 ¦e2 116.¥d6 ¦e4 117.¥g3 ¦e6 118.¥f4 ¦e4 119.¥h6 ¦e6 120.¥g7 ¦e4 121.¥f8 ¦e6 122.¥h6 ¦e4 123.¥g5 ¦e6 124.¥f4 ¦e4 125.¥g3 ¦e6 126.¥d6 ¦e4 127.¥c7 ¦e3 128.¥d6 ¦e4 129.¥h2 ¦e2 130.¥f4 ¦e4 131.¥h6 ¦e2 132.¥g7 ¦e4 133.¥f8 ¦e6 134.¥g7 ¦e4 135.¥h6 ¦e6 136.¥g7 ¦e4 137.¥f8 ¦e6 138.¥g7 ¦e4 139.¥f8 ¦e6 140.¥g7 ¦e4 141.¥f8 ¦e6 142.¥g7 ¦e4 143.¥f8 ¦e6