Chinese #1 Wang Hao decided to have an Italian dinner at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 in the second round. He first elbowed out the Italian prodigy Fabiano Caruana on the a-file then cooked up a winning endgame with a piece up. Caruana fought valiantly till the end, but it just wasn’t his day. Check it out. For the report of the second round at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012, read Chess Blog.

Wang, Hao (2726) – Caruana, Fabiano (2773)

Result: 1-0
Site: 1:30.30-1:30.30
Date: 2012.08.29
[…] 1.¤f3 g6 2.e4 d6 3.d4 ¤f6 4.¤c3 ¥g7 5.¥e2 O-O 6.O-O a6 7.a4 e6 8.e5 dxe5 9.¤xe5 ¤bd7 10.¥g5 h6 11.¥h4 c5 12.¤xd7 ¥xd7 13.dxc5 ¥c6 14.a5 ¦c8 15.b4 ¦c7 16.£xd8 ¦xd8 17.¥g3 ¦cd7 18.¥e5 ¤h5 19.¥xg7 ¢xg7 20.g3 ¦d4 21.¦fd1 e5 22.f3 f5 23.¦xd4 exd4 24.¦d1 f4 25.g4 ¤f6 26.h4 g5 27.h5 ¦d7 28.¤b1 d3 29.¦xd3 ¦xd3 30.cxd3 ¤d5 31.d4 ¢f6 32.¢f2 ¤xb4 33.¤c3 ¤c2 34.d5 ¥d7 35.c6 bxc6 36.¥xa6 ¤b4 37.¥b7 cxd5 38.a6 ¤xa6 39.¥xa6 ¥c6 40.¢e2 ¢e5 41.¥d3 ¥b7 42.¢d2 ¥a8 43.¤b5 d4 44.¢e2 ¥c6 45.¥c4 ¥b7 46.¤c7 ¥c8 47.¤e8 ¥d7 48.¤g7 ¢f6 49.¤f5 ¥xf5 50.gxf5 ¢xf5 51.¥a6 ¢e5 52.¥c8 ¢d5 53.¢d3 ¢c5 54.¥b7