The Russian challenge in the Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 in Khanty Mansiysk has come to an end with this loss of Nadezhda Kosintseva to Anna Ushenina of Ukraine. The second games of the quarter finals were played on Wednesday. Displaying steady and strong chess, Ushenina beat Kosintseva with White to advance to the semi-finals. Final position on the left. Black’s King is in a hopeless bind on the h-file and attempting to save the checkmate with Qc6 will end in White capturing the Black Knight on f4. Read the full report on Chess Blog. Replay the exciting chess game with Chess King in the extended post.

Anna Ushenina – Nadezhda Kosintseva

Result: 1-0
Site: Khanty Mansiysk
Date: 21.11.12
[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 e6 3.¤c3 ¥b4 4.e3 O-O 5.¥d3 d5 6.¤f3 c5 7.O-O ¤c6 8.a3 ¥xc3 9.bxc3 £c7 10.cxd5 exd5 11.a4 ¦e8 12.¥a3 c4 13.¥c2 ¥g4 14.£e1 ¥h5 15.¤h4 ¤g4 16.g3 ¥g6 17.¤xg6 hxg6 18.£d2 ¤a5 19.¦ae1 ¤f6 20.f3 £c6 21.£g2 ¤b3 22.e4 £xa4 23.¥b2 £b5 24.¥b1 dxe4 25.fxe4 ¦e6 26.¦e2 ¦ae8 27.e5 ¤d5 28.£f3 f5 29.g4 f4 30.¥e4 ¦d8 31.¥xd5 £xd5 32.£xf4 £d7 33.¥a3 ¦a6 34.¥b4 £e6 35.£e4 b5 36.¦ef2 ¦a1 37.¦xa1 ¤xa1 38.¦a2 ¤b3 39.¦xa7 ¤c1 40.¦e7 £a6 41.£f3 ¢h8 42.£f7 ¦g8 43.¦a7 £c8 44.£xg6 ¤e2+ 45.¢f1 ¤f4 46.£g5