Though, top-rated Koneru Humpy of India was knocked out of the Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 in Khanty Mansiysk in the second round, India’s Harika Dronavalli has done well to progress to the fourth round. She knocked out Lela Javakhishvili with accurate play in the third round. Lela resigned in the position on the left-three pawns down and a King without any protective cover had no hope! You can read all reports from the Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 at Chess Blog. Replay this nice game in the Chess King applet.

Harika Dronavalli – Lela Javakhishvili

Result: 1-0
Site: Khanty Mansiysk
Date: 18.11.12
[…] 1.¤f3 d5 2.d4 ¤f6 3.c4 e6 4.¤c3 ¥e7 5.g3 O-O 6.¥g2 dxc4 7.O-O c5 8.dxc5 £a5 9.£d4 ¤c6 10.£xc4 e5 11.¥g5 £xc5 12.£xc5 ¥xc5 13.¥xf6 gxf6 14.¤d5 ¢g7 15.¦ac1 ¥d6 16.¤d2 ¤d4 17.¦fe1 ¥g4 18.¤e4 ¦fd8 19.¢f1 ¥e6 20.¤exf6 ¦ac8 21.¦xc8 ¦xc8 22.e3 ¤f5 23.¦d1 ¥xd5 24.¤xd5 ¦d8 25.¤c3 b6 26.g4 ¤h6 27.h3 a5 28.¢e2 f5 29.gxf5 ¤xf5 30.¥e4 ¤h6 31.a3 ¤f7 32.¥d5 ¤h8 33.h4 ¥e7 34.h5 ¢h6 35.¦g1 b5 36.¥f3 b4 37.¤d5 ¥h4 38.axb4 axb4 39.¦g4 ¢xh5 40.¦xb4+ ¢g5 41.¦g4+ ¢h5 42.¦e4+ ¢g5 43.¦xe5+ ¢g6 44.¤f4+ ¢f7 45.¦h5 ¥f6 46.¦xh7+ ¢g8 47.¦b7