A fantastic game of a struggle with a lone Queen vs Knight+Bishop even with pawns locked together for a fortress for Black. Natalia Zhukova put in a heroic struggle to break down Black and set up a tiebreak in the third round of the Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 in Khanty Mansiysk. What do you think of the position on the left? Does Black have an unbreakable fortress? Run the game in the Chess King applet and read all the reports on the Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 at Chess Blog.

Actually, White missed a quicker win when Black played 67. …Bh2. A simple, Qa4 and c5 push would have got the win without White worrying about the 50-move rule. But, White played Qc7 which took longer to win. White still held on and eventually ground down Black for an exciting psychological and technical win.

Natalia Zhukova – Ju Wenjun

Result: 1-0
Site: Khanty Mansiysk
Date: 18.11.12
[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 ¥g7 4.e4 d6 5.h3 O-O 6.¥e3 e5 7.d5 ¤bd7 8.¤f3 ¤c5 9.¤d2 a5 10.g4 ¤e8 11.h4 f5 12.g5 ¦f7 13.h5 ¥f8 14.hxg6 hxg6 15.£f3 £d7 16.exf5 £xf5 17.£g3 e4 18.£h4 ¥g7 19.¤dxe4 ¤xe4 20.¤xe4 ¦e7 21.¥d3 £f3 22.¤d2 ¦xe3+ 23.fxe3 £xe3+ 24.¥e2 ¥f5 25.¤f1 £e5 26.¤g3 £xb2 27.£h7+ ¢f8 28.O-O ¥d4+ 29.¢h1 ¤g7 30.£h8+ ¢e7 31.£xa8 ¥e5 32.£xa5 ¥xg3 33.£xc7+ ¢e8 34.¦xf5 ¤xf5 35.£c8+ ¢f7 36.£e6+ ¢f8 37.£f6+ £xf6 38.gxf6 ¥e5 39.¦e1 ¤g3+ 40.¢g2 ¥c3 41.¦b1 ¤xe2 42.¦xb7 ¥xf6 43.a4 ¤f4+ 44.¢f3 ¤d3 45.a5 ¤c5 46.¦a7 ¥d8 47.a6 ¥b6 48.¦a8+ ¢e7 49.a7 ¤d7 50.¢f4 ¤e5 51.¦e8+ ¢xe8 52.a8=£+ ¢e7 53.£b7+ ¤d7 54.¢g5 ¥d4 55.¢xg6 ¥c5 56.¢f5 ¥d4 57.£c8 ¥e5 58.£g8 ¤c5 59.£a8 ¤d7 60.£a7 ¢e8 61.£g1 ¢e7 62.£g5+ ¢e8 63.£h4 ¤c5 64.¢g6 ¤d7 65.£f2 ¤f8+ 66.¢f5 ¤d7 67.£a7 ¥h2 68.£c7 ¥e5 69.£c8+ ¢e7 70.£g8 ¤c5 71.£h7+ ¢e8 72.¢g6 ¢d8 73.¢f7 ¢c7 74.¢e8+ ¢b6 75.£b1+ ¢c7 76.£b5 ¤b7 77.£c6+ ¢b8 78.£b6 ¢c8 79.¢e7 ¤c5 80.£a7 ¤b7 81.¢e6 ¤d8+ 82.¢f5 ¤b7 83.£b6 ¥h2 84.£c6+ ¢b8 85.£e8+ ¢a7 86.¢e6 ¤c5+ 87.¢e7 ¢b7 88.¢d8 ¥e5 89.£b5+ ¢a7 90.¢c8 ¥f4 91.£b8+ ¢a6 92.¢c7 ¤e6+ 93.dxe6
Black resigns because 93. …d5 94.Kc6 Bxb8 95.cxd5 and White e-pawns rolls forward to an unstoppable Queen.