After 3 rounds of the 2012 World Rapid Chess Championship, we have 2 leaders with 3 points, Huang Qian and Pia Cramling, followed by 4 players with 2.5 points, Humpy Koneru, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, Antoaneta Stefanova and Nino Khurtsidze. See the official rankings, and watch the games live (Boards 1-10, Boards 11-20, Boards 21-25) at the official site We show you below an important game of the day, when the 12th women’s world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk beat the rating favorite Anna Muzychuk (ELO 2598).

Kosteniuk, Alexandra – Muzychuk, Anna

Result: 1-0
Site: Batumi
Date: 2012.05.31
[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥b5 ¤f6 4.d3 d6 5.O-O g6 6.d4 ¥d7 7.d5 ¤b8 8.¥xd7+ ¤bxd7 9.¦e1 ¥g7 10.c4 O-O 11.¤c3 a5 12.£c2 ¤c5 13.¥e3 ¤fd7 14.b3 f5 15.a3 fxe4 16.¤xe4 ¤xe4 17.£xe4 £f6 18.b4 £f5 19.¤g5 £xe4 20.¤xe4 ¤f6 21.f3 ¤xe4 22.fxe4 ¢f7 23.c5 axb4 24.axb4 ¢e7 25.b5 ¢d7 26.c6+ bxc6 27.bxc6+ ¢e7 28.¦ab1 ¦a4 29.¦b7 ¦c8 30.g3 ¥f6 31.¥b6 ¢d8 32.¦f1 ¥e7 33.¦f7 ¢e8 34.¦xh7 Black resigns 1-0
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