Find the magic move for White in this chess position from the game Karpov – Nedelin, Borovichi, 1961.

Karpov – Nedelin

Result: 1-0
Site: Borovichi
Date: 1961
[…] 1.♕xa3 bxa3 2.♖xb8+ ♗f8
2…♘e8 3.♖c1 ♕a5 4.♖xe8+ ♔g7 5.♖xe7 huge material advantage for White 5…♕d8 6.♖cc7
3.♖c1 ♕a7 4.♖cc8 ♕e7 There’s no saving the Bishop on f8 and eventually Black’s Queen and Bishop fall for White’s two Rooks. white wins with two knights versus one and six pawns each.