How good are you at your chess patterns? The world’s best Grandmasters have thousands of chess patterns programmed into their brains! Check out this position from the game Moran – Pupo, Matanzas, 1995. White to play one magic move for a winning position.

Moran – Pupo

Result: 1-0
Site: Matanzas
Date: 1995
[…] 1.♗g8 ♔xg8 (1…♖xg8 2.♕h7# (2.♖h7#))
1…♖f7 2.♖xf7 ♘f8 to stop checkmate on h7 3.♖xc7 wining the Queen or… (3.♗xf6+ ♗g7 4.♗xg7+ ♔xg8 5.♖xc7)