White to play and win!

Are you an overly defensive and nervous chess player? Do you see ghosts (threats) on the chess board that really don’t exist? Check out this neat Chess King puzzle from the game Rashkovsky-Sergey Ivanov played in Elista 1995. White cannot let go off the g pawn, but the passed Black pawn on the c-file is a major threat… or, is it? How can White play and win this chess endgame?

Rashkovsky – Ivanov

Result: 1-0
Site: Elista
Date: 1995
[…] 1.¢xh5 ¦xg7 (1…c3 2.¤g5+ ¢xg7 3.¦f7+ ¢h8 4.¦h7#) 2.¤g5+ ¦xg5+ 3.¢xg5 ¢g7 4.¦f3 c3 5.¦xc3 ¢f7 6.¦e3 ¢g7 7.¦f3 ¢h8 8.¢g6 ¢g8 9.¦f7 ¢h8 10.¦f8# (0:00:20) 1. (0:00:00)