Chess King 2 and 3 IntroductionWe’re pleased to announce upgrades to the popular PC chess software Chess King. Check out the new Chess King 2 with Houdini 2, and also Chess King 3 Max and Chess King 3 Pro with Houdini 3/Pro, to give you a range of options that will teach the beginner, help the club player to improve, and will satisfy the Grandmaster with its maximum power. Chess King 2 and 3 continue with their ease of use style now with a new improved interface and an updated GigaKing database (5 million games to April 2013, free updates all 2013) and full opening tree. With all those improvements, Chess King 2 is now even more affordable, with the complete program Chess King 2 at only $39.95, and very affordable versions of Chess King with the top-of-the-line Houdini 3 and Houdini 3 Pro. Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8, and in 5 languages, English, French,German, Spanish, and Russian. See below for more info and get your copy or upgrade in our shop. Email us if questions.