US Chess Champion 2012 GM Hikaru Nakamura is known for his plus-100-move chess games that leave his opponent flagged out. He did not disappoint his fans in the second round at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad grinding down Lithuanian GM Vidmantas Malisauska in a 107-move Sicilian Najdorf. A draw’s not a draw after all the battery’s been sucked outta your system – drop of blood by drop of blood.

Nakamura, Hikaru (2778) – Malisauskas, Vidmantas (2451)

Result: 1-0
Site: 0:03.59-0:01.40
Date: 2012.08.29
[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 ¤f6 5.¤c3 a6 6.f3 e5 7.¤b3 ¥e6 8.¥e3 ¥e7 9.£d2 O-O 10.O-O-O a5 11.¥b5 ¤a6 12.¢b1 ¤c7 13.¥b6 ¤d7 14.¥xc7 £xc7 15.a4 ¤b6 16.g4 ¦fd8 17.£e2 d5 18.exd5 ¤xd5 19.¤xd5 ¥xd5 20.¤d2 ¦ac8 21.¤e4 ¥e6 22.¦xd8+ ¦xd8 23.h4 £b6 24.c3 ¥d7 25.¥xd7 ¦xd7 26.¢c2 £c6 27.b3 h6 28.h5 £e6 29.¤d2 ¥g5 30.¤c4 f5 31.gxf5 £xf5+ 32.£e4 £f7 33.¢b2 ¦d5 34.¦h2 ¥f4 35.¦g2 b5 36.¤xa5 bxa4 37.£xa4 £xh5 38.¤c4 ¢h7 39.£c6 £f7 40.¤d6 £e6 41.£b7 ¥g5 42.¤e4 ¥e7 43.c4 ¦d7 44.£b5 £h3 45.¦f2 ¥h4 46.¦c2 ¦d3 47.¤f2 ¥xf2 48.¦xf2 £h4 49.£b6 £f4 50.¦g2 g5 51.£b7+ ¢g6 52.£c6+ ¢g7 53.£b7+ ¢g6 54.£b6+ ¢g7 55.¦e2 ¦xf3 56.£c7+ ¢g6 57.£c6+ ¢h5 58.c5 £d4+ 59.¢a2 ¦f2 60.¦xf2 £xf2+ 61.¢a3 g4 62.£e8+ ¢h4 63.£e7+ ¢h3 64.c6 £b6 65.£d7 £b5 66.£d6 £a6+ 67.¢b2 h5 68.£d5 £b6 69.£d3+ g3 70.£f5+ ¢h4 71.£e4+ ¢h3 72.b4 g2 73.£f3+ ¢h2 74.£xh5+ ¢g1 75.£d1+ ¢f2 76.£c2+ ¢f1 77.£c4+ ¢e1 78.c7 g1=£ 79.£c3+ ¢d1 80.£c1+ ¢e2 81.£c4+ ¢f3 82.c8=£ £gd4+ 83.£c3+ £xc3+ 84.£xc3+ ¢f4 85.£d2+ ¢f3 86.£d3+ ¢f4 87.£f1+ ¢g3 88.£d3+ ¢f4 89.£d2+ ¢f3 90.£d5+ e4 91.b5 ¢f4 92.¢c1 e3 93.¢d1 £a5 94.¢e2 £c3 95.£f7+ ¢e4 96.£e6+ ¢f4 97.£d6+ £e5 98.£b4+ ¢f5 99.b6 £h2+ 100.¢xe3 £g1+ 101.¢d3 £f1+ 102.¢d4 £g1+ 103.¢c4 ¢e6 104.b7 £f1+ 105.¢c5 £f8+ 106.¢b5 £f1+ 107.£c4+