Here is a nice chess study with White working out a nice checkmate in seven. It’s not all that difficult if you get the strategic idea right. This chess study is composed by L. Grunewald. Enjoy your Friday chess lesson with Chess King.

Chess Study

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♕f6 ♔g4 2.♕f8 ♔g5 (2…♔h4 3.♕g8 ♔h5 4.♕g7 ♔h4 5.♕g6 ♔h3 6.♕h5# (0:00:02) 2.Qf8) 3.♕f7 ♔g4 (3…♔h6 4.♕g8 ♔h5 5.♕g7 ♔h4 6.♕g6 ♔h3 7.♕h5#) (3…♔h4 4.♕g6 ♔h3 5.♕h5#) 4.♕f6 ♔h5 5.♕g7 ♔h4 6.♕g6 ♔h3 7.♕h5#