Dang! That was it – A missed mate-in-one. The game: Viswanathan Anand vs Vassily Ivanchuk. Yes, it did happen in reality. Whatever reasons save Ivanchuk from turning suicidal after this were blessed reasons indeed. Can you figure out the ‘Duh’ moment? Replay the chess game with the super Chess King applet slowly. Afterthought: Yes, Grandmasters are human. In fact, Ivanchuk had more than 55 seconds on his clock when ‘it’ happened.

Viswanathan Anand – Vassily Ivanchuk

Result: 1-0
Site: London GP, final play off, blitz g/5(2)
Date: 1994
[…] 1.e4 c6 2.¤c3 d5 3.d4 dxe4 4.¤xe4 ¤d7 5.¥c4 ¤gf6 6.¤g5 e6 7.£e2 ¤b6 8.¥b3 h6 9.¤5f3 c5 10.¥f4 ¤bd5 11.¥e5 £a5+ 12.¤d2 b5 13.dxc5 ¥xc5 14.¤gf3 O-O 15.O-O-O ¥b7 16.g4 ¤d7 17.g5 ¤xe5 18.¤xe5 ¤c3 19.£g4 ¤xa2+ 20.¥xa2 h5 21.£xh5 £xa2 22.¤b3 ¥xf2 23.¦d3 ¦ac8 24.¦h3 ¦xc2+ 25.¢xc2 ¦c8+ 26.¢d1 £b1+ 27.¢e2 £e4+ 28.¢xf2 ¦c2+ 29.¢f1 £f4+ 30.¤f3 ¢f8 31.g6 £c4+ 32.¢g1 £xb3 33.£e5 ¦c1+ 34.¢f2 £c2+ 35.¢e3 £b3+ 36.¢e2 £c4+ 37.¢f2 £c2+ 38.¢e3 £b3+ 39.¢f4 ¦c4+ 40.¤d4 £xh3 41.£b8+ ¦c8 42.£d6+ ¢g8