This is a typical Rook vs Queen chess position known as the Ponziani Chess Position. Do you know what will happen with White to play? Will White win? Should White resign… or, White can draw this?

Actually the Black King cannot escape from perpetual checks. If the Black King approaches the White King and eventually tries to capture the Rook, he lands White in a stalemate. If the Black King tries to escape to the e-file, the Black Queen gets pinned. Try it for yourself.

DL Ponziani

Result: 1/2-1/2
[…] 1.♖h7+ ♔g2 2.♖g7+ ♔h3
2…♔f3 3.♖f7+ ♔e4 Black loses Queen if the King ventures to the e file 4.♖e7
3.♖h7+ ♔g4 4.♖g7+ ♔h5 (4…♔f5 5.♖f7+ ♔g6 6.♖g7+ ♔h6 7.♖h7+ ♔xh7 still stalemate) 5.♖h7+ ♔g6 6.♖h6+ (6.♖g7+ ♔f6 7.♖g6+ same problem) 6…♔xh6 stalemate