Today’s chess class is about a nice middlegame combination from the game Rubinstein-Hirschbein. Not only is Black behind on development, but they have also lost the fianchetto Bishop. What could be White’s winning combination? Hint: We are talking of more than just winning the exchange. Think about it. Happy solving. The answer is in the Chess King applet in the extended post.


Result: 1-0
Site: Lodz
Date: 1927
[…] 1.¦xd7 ¥xd7 (1…£xd7 2.¤f6+ ¢f8 3.¤xd7+ ¥xd7) 2.¤f6+ ¢f8
(2…¢h8 3.¤d5+ (3.¤h5+ e5) 3…¢g8 4.¤xe7+)
3.¤d5 e5 (3…cxd5 4.£h8#) 4.¤xe7