Chess King 2015 New Versions


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Software Just Updated (April 2015)

The most popular chess software just got better. Updated with new features such as the full game analysis graph. See below.


All latest Operating Systems

All 3 Chess King versions come in brand new versions compatible PC & Mac & and all are Multilingual

Buy any version and get both versions and up to 4 activations in any mix PC & Mac, for example 3 PC’s and 1 Mac.
PC version compatible with latest Windows update 8.1. Mac version compatible with latest OS 10.10 Yosemite.
Chess King is the only major chess software package that can also be installed on a Mac.
All versions can be installed in English, French, Spanish, German or Russian.

Updated GigaKing 2015


Chess King 2015 versions contain the huge collection of games GigaKing 2015 Database with over 5,700,000 games from the 16th century to January 2015 Over 600,000 correspondence games Over 2,000 games commented in detail, In total more than 6 million games.
Other software companies sell game collections for more than we sell the complete package, so choose your version from the ones below:

5-Minute Video Description

Chess King Silver: Rock Solid

This is the new 2015 updated Chess King 4 with Houdini 4


Has all the qualities that made this program the top selling in the USA: • Deep version supports up to 6 cores • Contains the industry leader Houdini 4 chess engine, rating 3200+ ELO • In addition to Classical Chess supports fully Chess960
Very reasonable upgrade rates starting at $9.99.

Top of the Line: Chess King Gold


The top of the line Chess King Gold includes the super strong engine Houdini 4 Pro and now replaces Chess King 4 Pro. Houdini 4 Pro is the latest and strongest engine that most GM’s use, with an estimated rating above 3400 ELO. It supports up to 32 cores and 256 GB of hash.
When you buy Chess King Gold, you get BOTH PC & Mac versions and 4 activations. The engine Houdini 4 Pro in the PC version is the original UCI version which can be taken out of Chess King Gold and used in most other chess software.
It is now possible to upgrade from any version to Chess King Gold at a very reasonable price.

Perfect Entry: Chess King Standard

Supports all PC & Mac configurations


Has all the games, puzzles, quest games as the other two versions. Same exact interface, import and export options.
Designed to work on the largest number of PC’s and Macs Special version of Houdini 2 for Chess King is 1-core Engine rating is Grandmaster level 3000+ ELO Does not support Chess960 due to limitations of Houdini 2.

You can’t afford to train without it

Play classical games, solve puzzles, set up positions, analyze your own games with Houdini, print games, publish to blog, browse the GigaKing games database, search and study openings with the huge included opening tree, prepare for your next opponent. You can do all that with the new 2015 versions of Chess King!


Over 2 hours of Free Video Tutorials

You’ll be an expert in no time with the free video tutorials by the 12th women’s world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk and chess guru Steve Lopez. Either watch the whole playlist on YouTube, or download all tutorials in HD and watch them on your PC, Mac, Phone or iPad. It’s free! The tutorials on Chess King 4 totally apply to the new 2015 versions of Chess King.


Endorsement and Customer Support

We want you to be happy with your purchase


Grandmaster and 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk recommends Chess King as a great tool to improve at chess. If you have any technical issue, fill in the online support form, or contact Diego for any issue about Chess King. We will do our best to help.