Yes you can! There are a few secret key combinations, here they are:

Ctrl+C Copy game as PGN

Ctrl+\ Copy the position as EPD

Ctrl+, Copy the game up to the current move

Ctrl+. Copy the game, starting from the current move

Ctrl+V Paste

Ctrl+D Insert diagram

Down arrow Select the next variation in the current position

Up arrow Select the previous variation in the current position

Shift+S Manage styles

Backspace Delete the previous move

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Delete the rest of the variation (rest of the game if the current move is in the mainline)

Del Delete the move annotations (if there is any), otherwise delete the variation

Ctrl+Y Delete variation

Ctrl+L Promote variation

Ctrl+A Annotation palette

Ctrl+I Change the starting move number of the game